Conservative government taking Leicestershire for granted leaves county in “frightening” financial situation

27 Jun 2022

The Conservative government's failure to deliver for Leicestershire and its taking people in Leicestershire for granted has left the County Council in a dire financial situation.

On Friday at a meeting of Leicestershire County Council's cabinet the leader of the County Council describes it's financial situation as "frightening"

Responding to this the Liberal Democrat leader of the opposition on the County Council Michael Mullaney said "For year's Leicestershire has been taken for granted by the Tories. Despite having elected all Conservative MPs they have totally failed to deliver for our area.

"Leicestershire is the worst funded county in the country under this Tory government. It means people paying more in Council Tax but not getting the level of services they deserve.

"For years the County Council has been calling for fair funding from this Tory government but the Tory MPs for Leicestershire have totally failed to get their government to deliver for our area. The Conservatives have been in government for 12 years and run the County Council since 2001 so there's nobody else to blame.

"Leicestershire's financial situation means many key services are at risk. It means roads not being repaired, it means many bus services that the county currently supports may face being lost, particularly in rural areas of the county.

"Recently Tory MPs had the chance to vote on Boris Johnson's future, a number like the Isle of Wight's MP used the vote as a chance to press the Tory government to deliver more funding for their areas.

"Sadly a number of Leicestershire's MPs including Bosworth's voted for Boris Johnson without even raising with him the issue of Leicestershire being the worst funded county in the country.

"It's urgent that this Tory government starts funding our area fairly so that people can have the quality roads they deserve, the public transport they need and so that elderly people and people with disabilities can have the level of care they need.

"Leicestershire is in a frightening financial situation because the Tory government and Leicestershire Tory MPs take us for granted. The Tories taking our area for granted means people facing bigger Council Tax bills for fewer services"

Lib Dem Councillor Simon Galton opposition Finance spokesman said "It's hard to believe the County Council's finances can get any worse but the urgent report presented by officers paints a bleak picture.

"The fact they are having to re-open the budget agreed by the Council less than 3 months into the financial year, underlines the seriousness of the situation. Unpicking a budget part way through the year to make cuts to services is never a good idea and usually leads to bad decisions. Once again it's the residents of Leicestershire who will pay the price in cuts to services and the prospect of more Council tax rises next year."

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